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'; LabVIEW - adding text to a string control instead of rewriting it - LavOzs.Com

I managed to place text in my string indicator but what i wish to know is how to add text to it without deleting the previous text. I tried searching the web and i couldn't find anything useful.

You can reuse its value by using a local variable, and input in concatenate strings.

enter image description here

You can use Concatenate Strings to add two different strings to a single one. Then you still can use the first string without any change.

Sample from NI help

For an indicator or control, you can also use the Append String function as follows: enter image description here

... and then wire the string you want to append to the input of that function:

enter image description here

The net result is the same as using the Concatenate Strings that others have mentioned, but is perhaps more elegant on account of not needing to wire in the original value on the block diagram.

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