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'; roles - How to make Jasper report visible to User "A" only Not "B" which is created by User "A" as jasper user - LavOzs.Com

I am using JasperReports Server 6.2.x to create reports and Dashboards. I am a Jasper user "A" having ROLE_USER ACCESS. I have created new report(in user level only) named "Y" based on my existing report "X" with Input given. The "Y" report should be visible to only the User "A" not the other jasper users. i.e. The Report which i have created and saved newly based on existing reports should be visible only to me.

How to achieve this in JR Server 6.2?

For every group you need additionally add another ROLE, e.g. ROLE_Nagarajan. Then add the role to your (and only your) user.

NOTE: Do not remove the standard role ROLE_USER on the user which gets the new role. It is needed for the server to work properly.

On the newly created report, deny any access from ROLE_USER and allow access from ROLE_Nagarajan.

Now only the user assigned to this role can see and access the newly created report.

If working with folders, you can assign those rights to a folder. Then everything stored in the folder will be only accessible by you.

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