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'; amazon elasticache - Unable to access Redis (cluster mode enabled) Cluster's Endpoints - LavOzs.Com

I have 1 VPC - under that 1 EC2 instance ( amazon ami ) and 1 Redis (cluster mode enabled) Cluster with Auth ( password) and with Security Group Open to all IP:Port ( only for testing sake ) - so very simple setup.

telnet works at port 6379 from my EC2 Instance - Configuration EndPoint - Shard>eachNode EndPoint

Not able to connect to Redis Server using Redis CLI - doesnt matter endpoint either Config or Node endpoint; Using Redis CLI of v.5.0.4 ;

Please Note - AWS ElastiCache Redis Cluster ( Cluster disabled ) or Single Server Node, provides Primary Endpoint, which works fine. Only when Cluster is enabled and get ConfigEndpoint/NodeEndPoints - then having problem.

Config EndPoint:

[root@ip-xx-xx-xx-xx src]# ./redis-cli -h  -p 6379

Node EndPoint:

[root@ip-xx-xx-xx-xx src]# ./redis-cli -h  -p 6379

Any help is appreciated!


After spending few days on this issue, I was able to find the solution - we need stunnel or any other equivalent that creates SSL tunnel, redis-cli doesn't support ssl or tls.

To access data from ElastiCache for Redis nodes enabled with in-transit encryption, you use clients that work with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). However, redis-cli doesn't support SSL or Transport Layer Security (TLS). To work around this, you can use the stunnel command to create an SSL tunnel to the redis nodes. You then use redis-cli to connect to the tunnel to access data from encrypted Redis nodes.

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