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How to build python prediction? [closed]

I am fairly new to python I have learned the basics of it, and I would like to start to do some projects in Python. I came on an idea to build Prediction app. The point of app would be to import past results from Excel ( past results are actually only 2 values - Completed and Failed, and time spent on that task from Excel spreadsheet. ), and to make a prediction in %. So if the past values for subject A was 2 times Failed and 8 times Completed, it would predict that there is 80% of chance of 11th value to be Completed. Second part of app would be to count average time spent on that task for Subject A, B, C and so on(That value will also be stored in same Excel spreadsheet). Any guideline, help or even code which i can replicate would mean so much for me and thanks in advance :)

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