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how to annotate, display thumbnails in array, & create filter search in XNAT [closed]

I'm using XNAT on the web & I know you can annotate images you upload on there (it says so at the 0:54 min mark in this video about XNAT:

But I have not been able to find a way to do that, so I was wondering how can you annotate DICOM images on XNAT after you upload them on there? It's not 1 of the tools you can select in the viewer.

Also, is there a way to display multiple image thumbnails at the same time on the screen like in an array?

And is there a way to customize XNAT to make it have a search/filter option? What I mean by this is we're working with bruise images under alternative light, so is there a way to search/filter for: "all bruises only on the lower arm, with an orange filter, at 320 nm wavelength, with light skin, that are from male subjects only" & it will show an array of just those images that meet those specifications?

I know I'm asking for a lot; I just want to know if it's possible to make XNAT have these specific features/capabilities or not.

Thank you in advance.


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