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Here’s a sample of what I have in mind. When you query tbl with the aggregation function you should be this Result

Tally Agregation function

Table: tbl  

Tag length              
abc 8               
cde 8               
fgh 10      


SELECT aggTally(Tag, Length) FROM tbl   



I am very new to C#, so How do I create this, and have the dll for use?

I don't see how Tag is used as mentioned above but the below code returns

2/8 1/10


    private static void TotalsByLength()
        List<Tuple<string, int>> tagdata = new List<Tuple<string, int>>
            new Tuple<string, int>("abs", 8),
            new Tuple<string, int>("cde", 8),
            new Tuple<string, int>("fgh", 10)

        var tagcounts = from p in tagdata
            group p.Item2 by p.Item2 into g
            orderby g.Count() descending
            select new { g.Key, TotalOccurrence = g.Count() };

        foreach (var s in tagcounts)
            Console.WriteLine("{0}/{1}", s.TotalOccurrence, s.Key );

T-SQL approach:

CREATE TABLE dbo.TestTable (tag CHAR(3), taglen INT)

INSERT INTO dbo.TestTable VALUES ('abs',8), ('cde', 8), ('fgh',10)

;WITH TagTotal AS (SELECT taglen, COUNT(*) AS totallengthbytag
FROM dbo.TestTable
GROUP BY taglen)
SELECT a.totallengthbytag, a.taglen
FROM TagTotal a
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