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'; BizTalk: Routing Failure Error when polling SQL Stored Procedure - LavOzs.Com

I'm trying to poll a SQL Server for a simple SELECT stored procedure (the query itself executes perfectly well within SSMS), then email the results (with some transformation and message assignment) to a hardcoded recipient.

Within BizTalk, I have a Receive Port (using WCF-SQL configured to point to the target server using TypedPolling, and a PollingStatement of "EXEC dbo.[spRTest]" This then feeds into the orchestration utilising a schema to map the response from the polled SP against a canonical schema, which then uses message assignment to define some SMTP details before firing an email out.

When it executes, I'm getting the common BizTalk error:

This service instance exists to help debug routing failures for instance "{23AC9101-13FB-4290-A2AC-CED7FEAB4064}". The context of the message associated with this instance contains all the promoted properties at the time of the routing failure.

I was initially getting errors relating to subscribers, but I've told the Send port filter to look at the Polled Receive Port, so the message should be getting received.

Just as a final note, I'm relatively new to the whole BizTalk concept, so it's very much a learn and burn process.

Thanks in advance

It means you received a message from the polling port, but it couldn't route it to a send port or orchestration. Double check if your send port or orchestration is enabled and that you set the right filter property and value. For setting the right filter value, open the routing failure instance and look at the context properties available. You can use one of the context properties as filter property.

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