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'; Anonymous Flutter APP with secure Firebase Storage. Single Signin - LavOzs.Com

I am creating an app where the user does not have to login and this is also not planned for future. After looking at this video I was pretty shocked as I was simply securing read/write access with request.auth != null. Which only checks if there is any authentication. Video:

So I went ahead and changed the signInAnonymously to signInWithEmailAndPassword, with a hardcoded email and hardcoded password. In my App. This is not very pleasant and I was looking for a better was to do this. I stumbled accross flutter_secure_storage but I did not fully understand how I store my secret (in this case my password) for every installation of my app.

Is there another best practice how I allow read/write to firebase only from my app?

final FirebaseAuth _auth = FirebaseAuth.instance;


_auth.signInWithEmailAndPassword(email: "HARDCODEDEMAIL", password: "HARDCODEDPASSWORD");
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