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'; go - how to get a sub div using goquery - LavOzs.Com

here is an html sample, it's a big one

<!--- array of that block --->
<div class="main">
     <div class="mainsubdiv1">SomeText</div>
     <div class="mainsubdiv2" id="some_id">
       <div class="subsubdiv1" style="astyle">
             <div class="subsubsubdiv1">

             <!---- other divs... --->

I have an array of div,class="main" that contains other subdivs with other subdivs. I would like to extract information on all those subdivs and repeat the action until I reach the last div class=main using goquery. I don't find how to do that efficiently.

Is there anything simple to do to be able to loop through nodes and get the infos ?

Thanks for helping

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