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'; ios - Bluetooth speakers , bluetooth headphones falls into Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)? - LavOzs.Com

I'm building an application on IOS that searches for all Bluetooth devices nearby (smart band, Bluetooth speaker, mobile phones, etc.), but a few of them appear with names and the rest of them don't show their name. I could not find any of my Bluetooth speaker, mobiles or a laptop. Apple products show their name after connection, smart watches show their name at first but Bluetooth devices like a speaker or Huawei mobile don't show up. So I want to know whether these devices fall in BLE category or not. If not, then how to search for these devices?

I followed the documentation of core Bluetooth provided by Apple .

extension SearchDevicesViewController : CBCentralManagerDelegate , CBPeripheralManagerDelegate{

func centralManagerDidUpdateState(_ central: CBCentralManager) {

    switch (central.state) {
        case .poweredOff :
            print("bluetooth is off ")
        case .poweredOn :
            print("bluetooth is on ")           
            manager?.scanForPeripherals(withServices: nil,  options: [ CBCentralManagerScanOptionAllowDuplicatesKey: true])

Expected result: peripheral comes up with a name.

Actual result: most of them show Null in their names.

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