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'; javascript - Insert new row at the first position of a table dynamically with js? - LavOzs.Com

function renderCafe (doc) {
    //let tale1 = document.getElementById("cafe-list");
    let li = document.createElement('tr');
    let name = document.createElement('td');
    let city = document.createElement('td');

    let status = document.createElement('td');
    let cross = document.createElement('td')

    name.textContent =;
    city.textContent =;
    status.textContent =;
    cross.textContent = "x";


I use firebase data to fill the table and I want to make when the user make new item its will show at the first row table and not the last didn't quite get how to do so with js tx alot

edit: the user submit 2 parameters and then i have listener event that detect new item in the database and then this function called and i want to pass 4 values (that i get from the object i passed from my database to new row in my table something like that:

Name: Device: Status: Remove:
A      B       C       X
OLD    OLD     OLD     X
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