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I am using the 'PHP Classic' PHP wrapper for the Shopify API Per the Shopify API documentation for the current API version (2020-01) illustrating the way inventory level relates to location and specific item: each product variant has a 1:1 relationship with an attribute inventory_item_id. An inventory level (count of inventory for that item) connects to one location and one inventory_item_id :

relationship of inventory attributes and locations Shopify API

Things I think I know:

Using the PHPClassic wrapper for Shopify API you can access API endpoints in the following way:


$product = $shopify->Product(12345678)->get();

Will get you the information about product with id 12345678.

Similarly you can get child resources of endpoints like this:

$productID = 23564666666;
$productImages = $shopify->Product($productID)->Image->get();

What I am trying to do but don't know how:

I want to retrieve the inventory level for an item at a known location and with a known inventory item id, my current code below returns no result (empty). I can't tell if Inventory Level is a child of location or of inventory_item_id but I've tried a few ways of configuring the request including:

        $d = [              
            'inventory_item_id' => 1234567,
            'location_id' => 1234567

        $res = $shopify->InventoryLevel->get($d);

Print_r of $res is empty. How can I do this?

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