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I'm using selenium to

  • navigate to a url
  • scroll down (so lazyloaded images load)

When a human watches the automated browser, the resulting HTML does contain the lazy loaded content, but when the browser is not on screen, the lazyloaded content isn't present in the HTML.


  • If I watch the browser while the automated browser is working (i.e. have chrome visible on my laptop screen) then the resulting HTML does contain the lazyloaded content
  • If the browser is not open on screen (e.g. if I look at something else, like the code executing in the terminal), then the lazyloaded content is not contained in the HTML!


When a human 'looks' at the browser, the lazyloaded data is captured in the extract HTML, but when the same is done programatically, the lazyloaded data is missing. How come?

R Code


url %>% remDr$navigate(.)

webElem <- remDr$findElement("css", "body")

for(i in 1:50) { webElem$sendKeysToElement(list(key = "down_arrow")); Sys.sleep(0.02) } # Scroll down
webElem$click(buttonId = 0); Sys.sleep(0.02) # Click on page

# Repeats above scroll/click 4 more times to get to very bottom of page

# Get html
remDr$getPageSource() %>% .[[1]] %>% .[1] %>% read_html(.)
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