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'; oauth 2.0 - Extending User Entity using Keycloak in JHipster - LavOzs.Com

I want to add additional info when I register a new JHipster User with Keycloak. I already created an ExtendedUser entity with an one-to-one Relationship to the default User. Now i want to "extend" the registration form provided by Keycloak (adress, city,etc.) and safe these values in the ExtendedUser. is this possible? I cant seem to find any info on this. Also the registration form itself isn't in the gateway (like the default), but on the "keycloak-side", so i dont know if i can access the added values. My first guess would be to add the additional fields to the registration form, and then add the values to the token claims, which i could use to create an ExtendedUser in the background.

I´m using the default Keycloak implementation provided by JHipster (docker).

If this is not possible are there any other ways this could work (maybe switching to the JWT security implementation)? I also tried using the UAA server, but this isn't working for me because of other reasons.

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