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Sorry I know the question does't make sense, but I just can't figure out how to ask the question. I'm using model class that extend RealmObject, serialization by Gson. When I make a request, I send this json:

{"clothing_item_ids": [],
  "date": "2020-01-17 02:19:41 -0500",
  "location": {
   "id": 0
"name": "Good event",
 "tag_ids": []

But I want to send it without the location object when location is null. I can't figure out if the problem came from the way I implemented the Realm, Please help and excuse my ignorance on the matter.

@Parcel(implementations = {LocationRealmProxy.class}, value = Parcel.Serialization.FIELD, analyze = {Location.class})
public class Location extends RealmObject {

public int id;
public String city;
public String postalCode;
public String state;
public String street;

public Location() {

public Location(Location location) { =; =;
    this.postalCode = location.postalCode;
    this.state = location.state;
    this.street = location.street;

Here's the event class:

@Parcel(implementations = {EventRealmProxy.class}, value = Parcel.Serialization.FIELD, analyze = {Event.class})
public class Event extends RealmObject implements Serializable {

public static final String DATE_FIELD = "timestamp";
public String id;
public String date;
public Date timestamp;
public String image;
public String name;

public RealmList<ClothingItem> eventClothingItems;

public Location location;

public RealmList<Tag> tags;

public Event() {
    timestamp = new Date();
    eventClothingItems = new RealmList<>();
    location = new Location();
    tags = new RealmList<>();

public Event(Event event) {
    eventClothingItems = new RealmList<>();
    location = new Location();
    tags = new RealmList<>(); =; =;
    this.image = event.image; =;
    this.location = new Location(event.location);


public boolean equals(Object o) {
    if (this == o) return true;
    if (o == null || getClass() != o.getClass()) return false;
    Event event = (Event) o;
    return id.equals(;

public int hashCode() {
    return Objects.hash(id);

This is the Request model

public class CreateEventRequestModel  {
public String name;
public String date;
public Location location;
public List<Integer> clothingItemIds;
public List<Integer> tagIds;

private CreateEventRequestModel() {

public CreateEventRequestModel(Event event) {
    if (event == null) {
    } =; =;
    this.location = event.location;
    this.tagIds = new ArrayList<>();
    this.clothingItemIds = new ArrayList<>();
    if (event.tags != null) {
        for (Tag tag : event.tags) {

    if (event.eventClothingItems != null) {
        for (ClothingItem clothingItem : event.eventClothingItems) {

Help me please figure out what's the problem here, why can't location have all his field as null, or how can I check when location is valid(field should not be empty, or all field should be null or remove location object).

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