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I have data of an event with duration (say, eating a meal at a restaurant) and I want to know for any given hour how many events were taking place. The data looks like this:

Event     |   Start Time    |   End Time
  1       |   12:03         |   14:20
  2       |   12:30         |   12:50
  3       |   13:05         |   14:45
  4       |   14:01         |   14:49

I also have "Duration" available as an alternative to "End Time". The result I'm looking for would be like this:

  Hour     |     Count
   12      |     2
   13      |     2
   14      |     3

During hour 12, there were two events happening (1 & 2), hour 13 also had two events (1 & 3) and hour 14 had three events (1, 3, & 4).

I can do this programmatically with a loop. I can count when the events start (or end) in SQL. But I'd really like to bridge the gap and do this in SQL, but I can't think of a way.

One possible solution (works with MySQL v5.6+ and SQLite3):

create table hours(Hour int);
insert into hours values

create table log(Event int,StartTime varchar(5),EndTime varchar(5));
insert into log values

-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

select Hour,count(Event) Count
  from log join hours
    on Hour between substr(StartTime,1,2) and substr(EndTime,1,2)
  group by Hour;

If you are running MySQL 8.0, you could use UNION ALL, window functions and aggregation, like so:

select hr, sum(sum(cnt)) over(order by hr) cnt
from (
    select hour(start_time) hr, 1 cnt from mytable
    union all select hour(end_time) + 1, -1 from mytable
) t
group by hr

Demo on DB Fiddle:

hr | cnt
-: | --:
12 |   2
13 |   2
14 |   3
15 |   0

If you do not have MySql 8, then create a table hour:



And then:

select, count(*) as cnt from hour h
join mytable m on between hour(m.Start_Time) and hour(m.End_Time)
group by hr
order by hr

See Db-Fiddle

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