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Is it possible with Spring Kafka to read from two different topics in different consumers in a guaranteed order? For example, topic A stores information that is pertinent to determine how to handle the data that is stored in topic B. Topic A is read into memory and referenced, but needs to be completely populated before reading data in from topic B. Below is an example of what my current setup looks like...

public class TopicA {
  @KafkaListener(topics = "topicA")
  public void consume(ConsumerRecord<String, byte[]> record) {
    // ... some code here to populate an in-memory data structure
public class TopicB {
  @KafkaListener(topics = "topicB")
  public void consume(ConsumerRecord<String, byte[]> record) {
    // ... some code here that depends on topic A having populated the in-memory data structure

So far I've been leaning towards creating a Spring startup process (using @PostConstruct) that initializes the data structure by reading from topic A first, but have not been able to get that working. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

@KafkaListener(id = "bConsumer" topics = "topicB", autoStartup = "false")

Then autowire the KafkaListenerEndpointRegistry bean and registry.getListenerContainer("bConsumer").start(); when you are ready.

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