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'; Tags starting with PO in a SOAP response - LavOzs.Com

If this is a response to a SOAP request, can anyone tell if my reasoning is correct?

<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">
<faultstring>Message does not contain necessary info</faultstring>
<faultactor></faultactor> <detail>
<PO:order xmlns:PO=""> Quantity element does not have a value
<PO:confirmation xmlns:PO=""> Incomplete address: no zip code

My reasoning: the above code is a SOAP response and it tells you that an error occured during processing.

The error is due to lack of information (faultstring element), it was caused by (faultactor element), there's no quantity information, and the address is incomplete

Is what stated above correct? Alsi what about PO, I mean those tags starting with PO? What is the meaning

What is the difference between the PO tags and the others?

Thanks a lot

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