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'; node.js - Using Javascript and EJS why might the \ escape character turn one quote " into two quotes ""? - LavOzs.Com

Environment: Node.js, Express, EJS

Question: Why might the \ escape character turn one quote " into two quotes ""?

Background: In the following simplified example I'm sending an object (emailField) to an EJS file for rendering. It doesn't throw an error but the output is unexpected and I'm not sure why I'm getting double "".

The Express route:

app.get('/my_form', function(req, res, next){

    emailField = {
        attributes: 'type=\"email\" minLength=\"5\" maxLength=\"50\" autofocus'

        \\ same output if I use single quote "
        \\ attributes: 'type="email" minLength="5" maxLength="50" autofocus'

    res.render('my_form', emailField);

From my_form EJS:

<input <%= emailField.attributes %>>

The output in Chrome:

<input type=""email"" minlength=""5"" maxlength=""50"" autofocus>
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