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'; Share video on facebook using react-native-fbsdk - LavOzs.Com

I tried to share a link, it works and shows the dialog with the link. I tried to share a photo, it works and shows the dialog with the picture. I tried to share an mp4 video, it doesn't work and returns null without any other information. I have used the following code to share a video on Facebook.

    contentType: 'video',
    video: { localUrl: videoFilePath },

shareVideoWithDialog = async () => {
    const canShow = await ShareDialog.canShow(SHARE_VIDEO_CONTENT);
    if (canShow) {
      try {
        const {isCancelled, postId} = await
        if (isCancelled) {
          Alert.alert('Share cancelled');
        } else {
          Alert.alert('Share success with postId: ' + postId);
      } catch (error) {
        Alert.alert('Share fail with error: ' + error);
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