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'; bit manipulation - bit wise counter on a single byte javascript - LavOzs.Com

I want to use the bits valued at 2^4-2^8 in a Typed 16Uint array item to use as a binary counter to 16.

0000111100000000 ->15
0000111000000000 ->14
0000110100000000 ->13
0000000000000000 ->0

is there a simple bit wise operation that would count in binary? my current strategy is to extract the bits as number add one - do some error checking, then set the bits in the original with a&0 and replace that part with a |or mask?

cellBinary = iterate(cellBinary, 16, 4);
function iterate(cellBinary, start, length)
    let number = extractBits(cellBinary, start, length);
    if(number < 15)
    what = eraseIterator(what);
    what = what|number;
    return what;
function extractBits(what, start, length)
    return ((1 << start ) -1) & (what >> (length - 1));
function eraseIterator(what)
    what&16^1; //also iffy if this will work as intended.
    what&32^1; //this is supposed to set 16-128 to 0.
    return what;

is there a better way to accomplish this? note: code is an example, I'm looking for a strategy, not a bug.

You could add the right amount directly: 256, 100000000 in binary.

For example,

000000000000 + 100000000 ->

the bits valued at 2^4-2^8

That would mean this sequence:


Or in other words, add 16.

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