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I am pretty new to Java, but what I am currenlty stuck is I am trying to return an item but it will return the cheapest item. In the book I am using, it says I have to "Add a method cheaper which takes another StoreItem. It returns whichever item is cheaper, this item or the one passed in.", I am just confused on how you get it to return the cheapest item.

package cwk18;
import java.util.Collections;

    public class StoreItem {
       private String name;
       private double price;

    public StoreItem(){ // constructor
        name= "name unavailable";
        price = 1;
    public StoreItem(String naming1,int val){ // parameterized construtor
    public String getName(){ //name accessor
    public void setName(String newName){ // name mutator = newName;
    public double getPrice(){ // price accessor
        return this.price;
    public void setPrice(int val){// price mutator
            this.price = val;
    public void cheaper(StoreItem newItem){ 



If you say this function is to return whichever item is cheaper. The function shouldn't be void

but 'The object name'

public StoreItem cheaper(StoreItem newItem) \\before is public void cheaper(...
   if(this.price >newItem.getPrice())
       return newItem;
       return this;  //this means return the current item

First, you need to change your return type from:

    public void cheaper(StoreItem newItem){ 



    public StoreItem cheaper(StoreItem newItem){ 


Now you just need to use an if statement to compare prices of the StoreItem passed as newItem to the one that this class represents.

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