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is it possible to remove/add the html tag dynamically with condition in the javascript?

Example i need to remove the number 2 th column when button is clicked, insert back again when button is clicked. I have using this but does not work.

angular.element(document).find('.dataTable tfoot').remove($scope.items);///to remove
angular.element(document).find('.dataTable thead').prepend($scope.items);//to add

According to the Angular documentation on angular.element().find():

Note: Keep in mind that this function will not find elements by tag name / CSS selector. For lookups by tag name, try instead angular.element(document).find(...) or $document.find(), or use the standard DOM APIs, e.g. document.querySelectorAll().

So, angular.element(document).find(...) can only be used lookup by tag name not class name. Therefore, your code is not working because your .find() is not returning the element(s) you expect it to (in fact it's not returning any).

Use the DOM method getElementsByClassName to select using class name:

const dataTable = angular.element(document.getElementsByClassName("dataTable"));

Then you can perform your prepends or removals on the wrapped angular dataTable element:

dataTable.remove($scope.items); //to remove
dataTable.prepend($scope.items); //to add
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