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I am creating a caching system for complex shapes in Lua and I want it to be backwards compatible as a plug and play replacement for the default, non cached system, to increase performance. I've successfully rendered an object with 6.4 million points which gets turned into 3.1 million trapezoids to make a shape instead of using 6.4 million triangles, cache it and continue rendering without any performance hit beyond initial caching.

I want to set up a cached data table which uses the reference to the original table as the index. The problem is, if I use tostring, I end up with the entire table as a nicely formatted human-readable string which wouldn't be nice to use as a short index to reference the table.

I do not want to require the dev to assign an ID to the object because the default system doesn't do this, and it is an extra step which can be avoided by simply using the address which is unique to that object anyways..

I can not find a Lua implementation of lua_topointer(L, idx)... but maybe I'm missing something?

A few issues - my tostring no longer shows table: 0x12345678

I have rewritten a lot of meta-functions and __tostrings to output the data for debugging purposes. But, on Lua demo I can't find the exact function which replaces this behavior, and I didn't replace print in my latest version. So print is default, etc...

On Lua demo I have also tried getmetatable table, function m:__tostring( ) return 'blah' end

and print( { } ), print( tostring( { } ) )

The first prints the address. The second prints blah. So because print isn't using tostring, by default, what is it using? Is that accessible via Lua?

If all else fails, I'll probably have to get rid of my __tostring table metamethod and make a secondary function to output that particular data type which defaults the purpose of having a __tostring method for everything ( and the fact that print ignores it; one of the reasons I rewrote print in an old version... but I reverted to keep it default )

So, does anyone know a Lua function I can call, which is not tostring, which can get the address of a table in Lua? It must return the value so it can be used.